28-Day Test Flight

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A common question about gym membership is what is the cost. And if we were a gym where you go to use equipment, that's a pretty reasonable question. At Be Fit South Shore Boot Camp & Training, we want to go beyond just exercising to training. Training to achieve a goal or result means no one-size-fits-all solution exists. 

When you join our program, we will work with you to identify your goal and build a nutrition and training program that will best deliver results in a way that ensures your outcomes remain long-term. If you decide to continue with our program, we offer various coaching and training options ranging from $30 to $249 every two weeks. The pricing will primarily be based on how much in-studio training time you need to reach your goals. 
We encourage you to start with a 28-day Test Flight.
There is zero risk to you, with our 14-day Happiness Guarantee.
  • [Trial] 28-Day Test Flight

    30 days

    8 sessions

    Boot Camp

    $149.00 Select

You will have 28 days from your first training session to use your session passes. Once the 28 days have elapsed, your trial will conclude, and all passes will expire. The offer is valid for new clients. You must be a local resident over 18 years old. You must schedule and attend a no-sweat strategy session before your first training session. Other exclusions apply.

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